Is this you??

You have an amazing career and are successful in every way…except you haven’t mastered your body.

You have a closet full of designer clothes that you love…but you haven’t been able to fit into them for years.

You have a loving relationship and a great family life…but you tend to put others needs first and have ended up with extra pounds that are frustrating and killing your confidence.

I see you, and I understand.

All of my private coaching clients were once just like you.

Amazing women with incredible lives, but haven’t gotten their BODY to match…YET!

Let me show you how to create a body and life of your dreams.

In my very exclusive one-on-one coaching, I work with a select group of women that are ready to take action and create bodies that match the level of “fabulocity” you know you possess.

Because you already have it in other areas of your life already.

In our work together we will help you easily lose weight, get fit and confidently love your body
(I work with a maximum of 10 VIP clients per year, space is extremely limited.)

 “I FINALLY, FINALLY understand what loving my body really means! And that does NOT mean punishing it with endless workouts and starvation dieting!”

“My #1 goal and focus in working with Tracy was weight loss and getting my body where I want it to be….finally being comfortable in my own skin. I have to admit to having some hesitations because of the cost, but when I thought about all the money I have spent (and ultimately felt was wasted) on trying to fix this area of my life on my own, I decided to really invest in myself to end the struggle.

I FINALLY, FINALLY understand what loving my body really means– and that does NOT mean punishing it with endless workouts and starvation dieting. I don’t feel a sense of struggle anymore!

I was surprised by the level of internal, mental, emotional aspect of the coaching.

I would absolutely recommend Tracy’s coaching to others. Her heart is huge and her professionalism is 100%. She offers the whole package of health and lifestyle coaching and having a fulfilled life that does NOT leave space for body issues and struggles.”

Angela W, 45 ~ Paralegal

“I have already lost over 10lbs! This feels almost too good to be true!”

“I hesitated for months, visiting Tracy’s website and reading her newsletters.

I knew I wanted to work with Tracy but I have tried other weight loss programs before and I was so tired of being frustrated and disappointed with myself.

I finally decided to take a leap of faith and work with her. I am so glad I did! I carefully have followed her guidance and in just three weeks I have lost 10.6lbs. I am not counting calories, measuring food or feeling obsessed.

I travel a lot internationally and I can easily commit to this program even with my busy schedule. I told her in our session the other day, this feels almost too good to be true!

I am so happy and excited that I dove in and said YES!”

Kristen J. 41 ~ Attorney ~ Massachusetts

“My only regret is not having done this sooner!”

“I finally feel that it has SHIFTED for me. In just one month working with Tracy I have already lost 12lbs, and am having to buy clothes in smaller sizes! But most importantly I feel peaceful, calm and happy.

My only regret is having not done this sooner!”

Eileen, 64 ~ NYC

 “I’ve lost 14lbs and am down a dress size! I can not BELIEVE the changes in me both physically, but more importantly, mentally!”

“I thought I had a healthy diet before, but Tracy taught me so much more and really does practice what she preaches. I have lost a total of 14 pounds and am down a dress size. None of my old clothes fit me anymore and at 50 years old my body is better than it has ever been before.

When I first read Tracy’s story, I found myself relating to all of her body issues and struggles, and seeing the beautiful flower she grew into, made me want the same for myself.

I needlessly struggled for most of my life with similar issues and am thrilled to move into my 50’s with newly discovered confidence, peace and excitement.

The greatest benefit of working with Tracy has been the 110% commitment and encouragement she gives. Tracy is so uplifting, it is contagious! Not only do I look amazing, but I am less stressed and have so much more energy than ever before.

I am so happy I decided to invest in my future happiness and wellbeing, which benefits all those around me, and you cannot put a price on that!”

Debby, 49 ~ Lawyer ~ UK

 “I have been able to become more successful with combating anxiety, incorporating positivity into my everyday life”

“Within the first few minutes of our first 1 on 1 call, I knew that I could trust her as a wellness coach and source of healthy inspiration.

My #1 goal and focus that prompted me to begin coaching with Tracy was more of a “mental fitness” goal – I struggled with negative self-talk, anxiety, and lack of confidence.

With Tracy’s guidance in each of our 1-on-1 weekly sessions, and her constant support and encouragement, I have been able to become more successful with combating anxiety, incorporating positivity into my everyday life (including meditation techniques and breathing exercises), and treat myself with more respect instead of self-doubt.

In addition to extremely helpful 1-on-1 weekly sessions, Tracy offers VIP Day sessions. I have had the wonderful opportunity to experience these VIP Day sessions, and they reiterate just how genuine, caring, and knowledgable Tracy really is. She practices what she preaches, and gives 100% attention and concern for her clients, and it shows.

I recommend Tracy Campoli as a wellness coach to everyone!

I am truly grateful to be one of Tracy’s clients, and I look forward to continue making healthy progress. Tracy takes her clients to a whole new level of better, higher-quality living!”

Liz Stark, 26